Food is medicine but there is NO “one-size-fits-all” diet. That’s where our Bio-Individual Nutritional Therapy stems from. Each individual has specific dietary needs.

It’s based on each person’s unique biochemistry, health history, and genetics.

Our unique, comprehensive method, takes into account Epigenetics, Clinical Nutrigenomics, and its Methylation Pathways, together with emotional and psychological blockage detection. Deep Blue Sea Holistic seeks a scientific and energetic relationship between human genes, nutrition, psychological health status and microbiome of each individual, in the environment they are exposed to. We do not treat SNIPs but the individual’s whole being.

At Deep Blue Sea Holistic, we first apply biofeedback testing to detect food that is causing an allergic/sensitive reaction to the client, and work on an elimination diet together with lifestyle changes. Our sequential dietary intervention will follow at a later stage, depending on specific needs.

Our individualised nutritional intervention can support:

  • Allergic/Sensitive food elimination diet
  • Gluten Free, Casein free and Soy free diet
  • SCD, GAPS, Paleo and Ketogenic diet
  • Low FODMAPS diet
  • Low Amine and Glutamate diet
  • Low Salicylate / Phenol diet
  • Low Oxalate diet