“Thank you Itsu. I was so extraordinarily good to come and see you. I am so glad I did. You moved something in me. Ever since I have felt so much lighter, as though something in me that was there has suddenly gone away. It has made a lightness and sureness I have not felt for a very long time. I do thank you. I don’t know how you do it! How you perceived it and then how you took it away! With love and all thanks to you, Itsu.”

G.D – Glos, UK

“I brought my daughter to see Itsu after 4 years of her suffering ongoing nausea and stomach pain. Conventional medicine had diagnosed constipation and she had been on laxatives for 3 years. Whilst this eased her symptoms a little, it was not getting to the root of the problem and I was always sure there was something more to it. We were advised that she would eventually grow out of it and we were set on a path of continuing with the laxatives indefinitely which left us all feeling very frustrated.

Eventually I decided to try a more holistic approach and discovered Itsu. She has truly turned things around for my daughter. She was able to identify specific parasites as the root cause of her problems and gave us a comprehensive treatment plan to follow. We stopped using the laxatives within 2 weeks of starting her plan and haven’t looked back. The parasite cleansing was very effective and we saw the evidence to prove that it was working! We have finally treated the cause rather than just the symptoms and my daughter is so much happier as a result.
Itsu has been extremely supportive and approachable throughout and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”

R.S – Surrey, UK

“My daughter gave me an appointment with Itsu as a Christmas gift when I was visiting her from New York last December. She is a client and appreciated Itsu’s unique perspective on wellness and self-care. I quickly learned, Itsu is truly a gifted, healing force of nature and a loving, compassionate practitioner.

That first evaluation revealed weaknesses in several organs, immune system and emotional distress due to losing both parents and younger sister within 14 months. I am also a cancer survivor who underwent chemotherapy and several surgeries.

I continued to work with Itsu remotely from my home in New York. After 4 more sessions and following her treatment plan, I can report feeling really great and looking younger! I was able to eliminate a prescription medication because Itsu’s natural treatments rid me of a virus.

I am honored to have Itsu as a valuable resource as I continue to enjoy life with joy and gratitude.”

E.J – New York, USA

“I came to see Itsu about a month ago complaining of joint pain brain fog, insomnia tiredness I stopped going to the gym as I lacked motivation and energy. I was at my wits end, Itsu recommended I take a couple of things and in less than a week I was buzzing with energy also, my joints and muscle pain disappeared. I started back at the gym and loving it. I’m even going in the evening. I feel like I’m ten years younger and loving life. I would highly recommend going to see itsu.”

G.N – Richmond, UK

“As I write this testimonial about my experience with Itsuko, it’s hard for me to remember what my life was like before she started treating me last October 2018. In those days, I was in constant pain and felt completely exhausted – limping, dragging myself around, and barely coping with life. I had no social life due to constant migraines and pains in my joints and neck. I felt completely wiped out and spent every weekend lying on my sofa, trying to gather the energy to start work again on Monday. Getting up in the mornings was a painful ordeal as my body was very stiff and sore – even just getting up from the chair needed some planning, as I had to give my joints a few minutes to start moving. These problems had started around 10 years before and had deteriorated year after year without doctors being able to do anything for me other than prescribe stronger and stronger painkillers, which had a lot of side effects – one of them, feeling constantly spaced out and sleepy, which made it very difficult for me to concentrate at work or anywhere at all, really. I was afraid of making mistakes at work, I had no self-confidence, no energy to do anything, and felt quite depressed about life in general. I was sure that Itsuko was going to help me, but I could not have imagined to what degree – these last 8 months have been an incredibly positive, healing, transformative and uplifting experience.

I’m not currently living in the UK, so Itsuko treated me remotely, which has proven a very effective arrangement. We’ve had skype consultations, she did remote testing on my food, sensitivities, blockages, allergies and supplements, and provided a personal treatment plan, specifically prepared for my particular case and situation. In truth, the treatment and sessions have not felt remote at all. Eight months later, I very seldom take painkillers, the pains in my joints have almost completely disappeared, I don’t go around limping and in pain, and I’ve learnt about what is/isn’t good for my body and my general well-being. Writing this testimonial is a very good exercise to compare how my life was and how it is now – it’s shocking to think that months ago it would have taken me minutes to get off this chair and that I’d have limped my way to the kitchen, in pain and with much difficulty.

I am incredibly grateful to Itsuko for all her help, for her flexibility and generosity, which go beyond her duties as a practitioner. For me, one of the most important and encouraging aspects of the treatment throughout these last 8 months has been to feel really listened to, fully understood and supported. Her sensitivity and kindness have made it easy to apply all these important changes to my life, without feeling too stressed or overwhelmed by it. I’m also thankful for all the knowledge she’s passed on about how to look after myself in future. I have in the past been treated by other holistic practicioners, but Itsuko is by far the most complete and comprehensive one I’ve known. Her treatments include not only the physical aspect but also subtler areas of sickness that need help, they are tailor-made for each particular case and her encouragement and constant support ensure that you feel accompanied and held throughout the whole process. I can’t recommend her highly enough to anyone with health problems, especially those not living in the UK or far from alternative health services.”

M.L.B – Spain

“I whole heartedly recommend Itsuko for her systematic, thorough and very effective approach. I have been dogged by frequent viral infections and intermittent fatigue for the last 25 years following a bout of Glandular Fever (caused by the Epstein-Barr virus) as a teenager. There appeared to be nothing to help or alleviate the underlying weakness I was feeling, so I simply accepted there was nothing to be done.

A health emergency last year where conventional medicine offered few answers, started me on a path to find out what I could do to get better and reclaim my life. Eventually I found Itsuko and the miracle of Autonomic Response Testing (ART); finally here was someone who could get to the bottom of why my health has been an issue for so long. Itsuko’s skilful use of biofeedback muscle testing, together with her logical approach enabled the detection and treatment of a web of underlying factors which had the combined effect of weakness, low immunity and fatigue. With her help over the last six months, I have successfully banished Lyme disease, parasites, heavy metals and a variety of viruses, including Epstein-Barr from my system. The result is that I am living a full life and don’t ‘crash’ with chest infections or flu-like symptoms every 2 months. I am so grateful to Itsuko and her mastery, knowledge and care.”

P.E – London, UK

“A friend of mine who has a son with autism recommended to see Itsuko. She said she is the one who works with love and compassion for children on the spectrum and she also is the one who has a daughter with autism. My 6y old son finds things difficult and becomes inflexible when in unfamiliar environment. Itsuko quickly understood the situation and came over to ours to do her consultation and testing on our son. You don’t believe how quickly she got on well with my son like a buddy. My son didn’t mind her testing at all. He was rather enjoying the time with her as it was almost like a funny play time for him!

She started with food elimination that was causing his gut issue. She also taught how to gradually replace it with other food that’s good for him. She gave us a comprehensive and sequential plan to help support. She uses wide range of holistic remedies and can choose the one that’s right for my son. We have seen other practitioners in the past but none could tell when to stop the remedy and give the body time to do its job like Itsuko does.

It’s been 6 months since we started seeing Itsuko. My son is a lot calmer and happier. Many of his repetitive behaviours have faded away. He’s more present and aware. We look forward to seeing Itsuko. She always makes us feel secure and protected. The big bonus of seeing Itsuko is that she also treats mother and father when we have health issue! She treated my poor sleep and anxiety. ‘ Healthy mother, healthy child’ ‘Happy mother, happy child’ says Itsuko.”

J.M Surrey, UK

“I first met Itsu earlier this year and have experienced her amazing treatments throughout. I had experienced Kinesiology in the past during chiropractic sessions so I was aware of what the treatment entails.

However, Itsu’s treatment sessions are thoroughly a life changer and I have found the whole process intriguing and beneficial.
From discovering my emotional blockages to assisting me through parasite detox, Itsu has opened my eyes to how our bodies operate and can be treated in a holistic way.

Itsu has such a calm and compassionate approach and she is genuinely interested in you as an individual. She is very passionate with her work and it really shines through and I have referred my friends to her for treatment and they have all also been very impressed and benefited greatly.”

N.J – London, UK

“My dad was showing an early sign of dementia early this year. He was really scared of what he was experiencing and feared of failing drivers’ licence renewal test. People were telling us to go and see a doctor and start medical drugs for dementia. That’s when Itsuko stepped in. She worked on his dietary and life style change. Following HRV test result she chose a few supplements to boost his Mitochondrial energy. Within a couple of weeks we noticed positive changes in him. He started smiling again and talking more positively. He successfully passed the cognitive test to renew his driver’s licence and also passed the practice test!”

J. K – Tokyo, Japan

“I cannot begin to express my gratitude for a practitioner like Itsu. She is beyond knowledgeable and compassionate, and is so willing to give of her knowledge and time to do all she can to help her clients feel balanced and positive. She has given me a new way of seeing my health, and given me a passion for thinking about how I think about my body, and the choices I make daily to stay and be healthy. I am an acupuncturist and continually refer patients to her because she is a natural healer, with a wealth of tools to benefit anyone. I continue to see her, and am thankful for her work”

L.G – Richmond, UK