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Autism Spectrum Health Consultation

Autism is a wide-ranging spectrum and complex disorder. While specific educational support & therapies are effective, it is important to understand that there might also be other underlying health-related issues that need addressing.

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About Deep Blue Sea Holistic

Deep Blue Sea Holistic is a holistic healthcare practice which specialises in treating multi-layered chronic conditions including autism.  Biofeedback (Kinesiology and Autonomic Response Testing) and Heart Rate Variability are used to find the root cause of an illness in a non-invasive and painless manner.

Holistic Clinical Practitioner

Deep Blue Sea Holistic uses a combination of treatments that are natural and well-researched, including; Biomedicine, Nutrigenomics, Clinical nutrition, Herbal remedies, Homeopathic remedies, Frequency-based remedies and Emotional release techniques.

Our Belief

Deep Blue Sea Holistic believes in empowering the body to heal itself through natural means.

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